General rules

1.Internet store is LILUU KIDS Ltd., registration number: 50203194681, legal address: Cepļu iela 4, Priežleja, Garkalne county, owned and maintained internet site.
2.Intellectual property rights at are owned by SIA LILUU KIDS.
3.LILUU.LV has the right to change the content and terms of use of the website and that take effect upon publication.
4.LILUU.LV, is not responsible for any kind of losses incurred by the user as a result of using the online store
5.By accessing and using the website, the user confirms that he has read the terms of use and agrees to comply with them.
6.The Customer must confirm that he / she has read these Terms and Conditions, the Product Delivery Terms and the Warranty and Disclaimer prior to placing the order.
7.When purchasing the products offered at the online store, it is considered that such mutual agreement is the Distance Agreement and is regulated by the LR Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 255 “Regulations on distance contracts”.

Order formalization

8.In order to make a purchase with, the customer must place a Order for the product
9.Orders at can be made from both – registered and unregistered users. If the Customer establishes his / her user account at (hereafter – account), the Client has the opportunity to join the Online Shop upon authorization. In order to register an account, the Customer must complete the relevant registration application and agree to the Terms of Use.
10.To place an order, you must add the relevant items to the cart and click the “Confirm Order” button.
11.In addition, the Customer must enter the delivery address and the preferred way of receiving the product. is not responsible for any loss or other consequences arising from incorrect data provided by the Customer in the order.
13.Payment of the purchase is possible in cash payment methods specified in the Internet shop. Before the payment is made, the Customer must verify that the Products, their quantity and prices shown in the order correspond to his/her wishes.
14.After making a payment via the Bank’s link, the Customer must click the button ”Back to the Merchant”.
15. www. sends an automatic e-mail with the Order confirmation to the Client. If the Customer notices any errors (unwanted products, quantities, etc.) in the order confirmation message, the Customer must immediately contact customer support by phone 26858845 or by e-mail: [email protected]
16. The order can be paid fully as soon as the order is made. When a payment is made, the order is considered to be submitted and the products are being complected
17. If, after placing the order, cannot deliver the ordered product or the desired quantity, is allowed to change the product for the equivalent at its own discretion or in consultation with the Customer.
18. In case the Product cannot be replaced, or if the Customer is not satisfied with such exchange, the Customer can refuse to take the order and the money will be returned to the Customer’s bank account within 14 working days. is authorized to refuse to execute the order by notifying the Customer of the reason for the cancellation. In case does not execute the order, the Client is refunded within 14 working days.
19. is authorized to refuse to execute the order by notifying the Customer of the reason for the cancellation. In case does not execute the order, the Client is refunded within 14 working days.

Data confidentiality

20. Users of have the opportunity to register as a regular user by creating their own user profile.
21. The User is prohibited from disclosing their access data to other persons.
22. When using the online store, the user agrees to the processing of personal data. This is necessary for order and delivery of products.
23.  By indicating his / her e-mail address, the user agrees to receive information from the website on various events and offers.
24. LILUU KIDS Ltd. can collect and store data that allows analysis of website attendance and usage.
25. Detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data is included in the Privacy Policy.

Product descriptions and prices

26. The images displayed on the online store may differ from the products that are offered. In order to clarify the description of the product or to avoid any confusion arising from or related to the ordering of the product, as well as to avoid misunderstandings, please contact by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone. 26858845.
27. All prices are given in Euros with VAT. The price does not include delivery charges.
28. Prices are subject to change without notice and discounts may apply. Products are sold at prices valid at the time of placing the order, except in cases where the products are given an unusual price due to a technical error or system failure. LILUU.LV has the right to refuse to sell the products ordered in the online shop, (while informing the Customer) if the Product is no longer available or due to technical reasons the price and / or parameters of the product indicated in the online store do not correspond to the actual price and / or parameters of the product. The changes will take effect from the moment they are published in the online store and they apply to orders made after the changes have been published.
29. Delivery costs (if there are any) are accounted for separately, before payment is made.

Cancellation of order or termination of distance contract

30. LILUU.LV have the right to cancel the customer’s order until the customer’s payment has been received, if any errors in the description of  the products or prices are found.
31. The order is canceled if the bill is not paid within 5 days from the moment of sending it to the Customer.
32. LILUU.LV have the right to terminate the distance contract in case the parties suffer excessive losses in the execution of the contract and in other cases specified in regulatory enactments.